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    Magento launched Security Scan tool

    Magento launched Security Scan tool

    Hackers, you’re dead meat! Magento has launched own security scan tool! That is available in your Magento Account. It doesn’t matter what edition you are running Magento Commerce (formerly Enterprise Edition) or Magento Open Source (formerly Community Edition), for both versions merchants will receive scan results and security risks assessments. It’s absolutely FREE. It takes several minutes to set up this monitoring tool.


    • Real-time security data
    • Over 30 security tests to identify potential vulnerabilities
    • Track security updates with historical reports
    • Uninstalled Magento security patches
    • Determine scanning schedule
    • Recommendations how to fix detected security issues


    This tool definitely will change utterly insane security statistics. Such as 78% of Magento websites (from 60,000 scanned websites) are missing critical security patches.



    There is a gap in Magento security scan. Unlike Watchdogs monitoring system the tool offered by Magento can’t effectively detect potentially vulnerable injected javascript code or malware. Popularity of this type of hacker attack is constantly growing.


    So to gain the highest level of store security you need to use both scanners.

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