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    Magento Security Patch SUPEE-10266!

    Magento Security Patch SUPEE-10266!

    On September 14, 2017, Magento released the latest security patch SUPEE-10266 for Magento Community Edition (Magento Open Source) versions prior to and Magento Enterprise Edition (Magento Commerce) versions prior to The patch (SUPEE-10266) provides fixes for several functional and multiple critical security issues:


    • RSS session admin cookie can be used to gain Magento administrator privileges.
    • Remote Code Execution vulnerability in CMS and layouts
    • Exposure of Magento secret key from app/etc/local.xml
    • Directory traversal in template configuration
    • CSRF + Stored Cross Site Scripting (customer group)
    • Admin Notification Stored XSS
    • Potential file uploads solely protected by .htaccess
    • CSRF + Stored Cross Site Scripting in newsletter template
    • XSS in admin order view using order status label in Magento
    • Customer Segment Delete Action uses GET instead of POST request
    • Order Item Custom Option Disclosure
    • Admin login does not handle autocomplete feature correctly
    • Secure cookie check to prevent MITM not expiring user sessions


    How to install New Magento Security Patch SUPEE-10266:

    Be sure to implement and test the patch in the development environment first to confirm that it works as expected before deploying it to the production site.

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