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    5 Reasons why you need remote security monitoring for your Magento store

    5 Reasons why you need remote security monitoring for your Magento store

    First things first, to secure your web store from fraudsters, hackers and copycats you need to level in-house vulnerabilities. Here the good news for merchants who are running store on Magento. You’re lucky, Magento has a powerful stack of security features out-of-the-box. All you need is to setup them in a right way.

    Magento experts scan the platform on the regular basis, perform external penetration testing and enhance Magento core security with special bug bounty programs. Users are notified about the hottest news concerning security issues through the Magento Security Center and mailing list.


    If you’re running Magento Enterprise Edition even security support is Magento team responsibility.


    Second things second. Even if you’ve installed the latest Magento Security Patches, protect all possible vulnerabilities on your web store. Don’t forget about continuous security monitoring. As your eCommerce store can suffer heavy security attacks any moment. You have to be on the watch and protect your customers from sensitive data loss and your business from a crush.


    Hackers don’t waste time, they are searching new and new holes in the platform, in your site security. And it’s hardly possible to predict when and how a new attack will take place. So only continuous scanning can detect injected malicious code on a web store.


    Such security monitoring can be implemented remotely and cost like a cup of coffee or even be free.


    Reason 1.

    Downtime = Lost Revenue

    Businesses lose $700 Billion a year because of downtime. While your site is down you are losing customers. Only the loyal ones will come back to your store after some time to make a purchase, other will bring their money to your competitors.

    Continuous monitoring will detect an issue and alert responsible people who will immediately fix it.

    Security scanning operates 24/7 to protect your business from money losses.

    Reason 2.

    Lost customer data = lost customers + spoiled reputation

    Attackers place on web stores malicious JavaScripts that send requests with customer sensitive data to external systems.


    Reason 3.

    Remote Security Monitoring reduces internal costs.

    In-house monitoring system requires hardware and stuff. Very likely that it will cost you more than a coffee per month.


    Reason 4.

    It saves Time.

    Time is the most valuable resource. Outsourcing security support makes your mind free of worries about proper site operation and keeping your own hands free to focus on your business activities.


    Reason 5.

    Security Monitoring keeps your good name.

    Monitoring systems like WatchDogs can scan purchase workflow, check the availability of your store and test possibilities to add the product to the cart, go through checkout and even place test orders to make sure that customers won’t be interrupted by broken shipping integration or unavailable payment gateway. Such feature let you know about issues before your customers will notice them.


    Easy-cheese to outsource security support – subscribe for Magento Security Monitoring for FREE.

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